Wari: Chapter Three

Stories and artists of Chapter Three

1. Kahani Hiraman Ki:

   A story about Hiraman, a parrot, who becomes advisor to a King.
   Adapted from a folk story from Bengal by Abhinav Sabyasachi.
   Duration: 20 mins
   Narrated by:  Abhinav Sabyasachi

   Abhinav Sabyasachi is the founder of 'Paltan', a theatre and art group. He is originally from Bihar and has been doing extensive theatre
   with groups like IPTA, 'Sansaptak', Sehar Theatre Group. He has done plays in Hindi, Bengali, English, Maithili, Urdu and French. He also
   conducts theatre workshops. Abhinav is also a freelance journalist, writer, a published poet and a painter.

2. Tapta: A story about how the fear of the unknown came into the world.
   Adapted from a Manipuri folk story by Nicky Chandam
   Duration: 20 mins
   Narrated by: Anuja Jaiman
   Anuja Jaiman is a Delhi based actor. Originally from Dehradun, she worked as a journalist for a decade in Delhi and Mumbai and is presently a
    communication and editorial freelance professional. She is pursuing theatre and exploring storytelling. In line with the vision of Wari, of
    which she is the co-founder, Anuja wishes to use theatre and storytelling as a conversation starter to reach people of all age groups.

 3. Ilm Kee Dukaan:
     What is it that everybody needs but is not being sold in a shop? 'Ilm kee dukaan'  is a witty story of entrepreneurship.
    Adapted from a Gujarati folk story  by Valentina Trivedi.
    Duration: 20 mins
    Narrated by:  Valentina Trivedi

   Valentina Trivedi is a Teacher Educator and Storyteller who specializes in approaching the learning process from a child’s perspective.
   She has been a senior copywriter in advertising, a scriptwriter and director for TV shows and films, the Editor-in-Chief of the Doon School
   quarterly alumni magazine and a performance artist of Dastangoi - the ancient art form of Urdu storytelling. She enjoys writing in both Hindi
   and English and is currently developing picture books for children. She is also a co-founder at ‘Kaleidoscope’, an initiative that works to change
   the way learning is perceived and experienced by children and adults.

Chapter Three was presented on 26 February, 2017 at a fund raising event for Karm Marg at Jugmug Thela, Said-ul-ajab, New
Delhi and on 12 March, 2017 at LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi.