Wari at St. Columba's School, New Delhi

 Wari was invited to perform at St. Columba's School on the occasion of Teachers' Day Celebration on 5 September, 2016.

Anuja Jaiman performed the story Houdong Lamboiba (The monk cat). It is about two folk tales from Manipur woven together depicting how, in the name of faith, a nomad cat claims to be a monk and fools the natives. It is a story of clever deceit, wit and the strength of the weak and the innocent over the cunning and powerful.
Lamboiba means monk cat and both the stories that comprise this narrative are popular fables across Manipur. 

The story is originally from the book ChingTamgee 
Wari  by Sarangthem Bormani, Sahitya Bhushan.

Adapted by Nicky Chandam and Anuja Jaiman.

Language: Hindustani | Duration: 20 mins