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A scene of a Relief Camp in Manipur

Project Relief Reach Out

Following the humanitarian crisis in the state of Manipur which began on May 3, 2023, Octave Foundation moved out of our arts and performance space to start relief efforts under our project ‘Relief Reach Out’, on the ground from May 7, 2023. As of Sep 9, 2023, we have completed 126 days of relief efforts impacting ~5568 internally displaced people (1258 children, 2860 women, and 1016 men) who have been living at 28 different relief camps in 70+ visits. We were able to reach Imphal East, Imphal West, Thoubal, and Bishnupur districts.

As of now, there is no data available for gender non-binary people. 

We have covered 650 km+ (one way) in this whole effort.  This is a tiny number in front of the 60000+ people living in the total 359 relief camps in Manipur. 

The following are the areas we have been able to work on:


1) Dry Rations, vegetables, fruits and water

2) Clothes and toiletries

3) Medicines

4) Textbooks and stationery materials

5) Therapeutic Music session

6) Drama and Music workshops

7) Skill Development programs for women

8) Psychosocial Support

Providing Essential Materials

With the generous support of friends, colleagues and strangers who came forward to extend support through cash and kind, we were able to provide essential materials for over a 1000 women and children in the first month of the crisis. Since then our team have continuously catered to different requirements of the Internally Displaced People of the conflict.

Providing essential items at Manipur Relief camps

Psychosocial Support


In times like now when we feel our world slipping away from us, when we have no control on anything, we only wish for our voices and stories to be validated and heard.

A safe space initiated by Clinical Psychologist Paonam Thoibi in one of the Relief Camps where the survivors are sharing, venting and unloading their stories. 

psychosocial support for Relief Camp Inmates

Joining Hands to Overcome the crisis

We believe sharing is the only means through which we can overcome this crisis. And whenever we had an opportunity we shared resources and data, connected with various organisations, individuals and teams who are currently involved in relief work. 

Engaging Internally Displaced People of Manipur

Therapeutic Music Sessions


As a small step towards healing, We stepped up with what we do best: performance, music and stories. We initiated therapeutic music sessions for people in the relief camps with the help of our artists and musicians.


How will people heal? How will the people move towards "normalcy"? There aren't any definite answers as of now. However, the attempts and the small steps to reconnect with ourselves, to make small movements towards peace should not cease...

Therapeutic Music Sessions at Manipur Relief Camps

Livelihood Projects


We believe rebuilding lives would need movements from different angles. We believe peace is not a straight road. We also believe multiple helping hands can mend broken pieces. With contributions from various strangers we were able to set up various workshops to help set up small businesses. We started with incense sticks and candle making which are now available in the market now.

Livelihood Workshop by Octave Foundation

Fund Raiser for Relief Work in Manipur

We are trying to facilitate mostly women, children and old people who are currently staying at the relief camps set up in different parts of the region. They have fled from their villages or have lost their homes in violence.

To support our work, Please send your contributions to: 

Octave Foundation

State bank of India

A/C No: 35661690774

IFSC Code: SBIN0004562

Imphal Secretariat Branch


Use the UPI ID: octave.f@paytm

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