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Flood 7
Flood snapshot1.1

We thank you all the generous souls and organizations who supported us in their own way, be it through relief materials, airlift support, donations in kind and funds, or spreading the word through social media platforms, and we devote this thank you page for them.
Heavy rains hit Manipur affecting lakhs of people in the first week of August 2015. According to media reports, the rains washed away bridges and national highways besides rendering many homeless. Low lying areas in Imphal and its outskirts have been inundated. Death toll in a recent landslide rose up to 21. The landslide as affected 14 villages and over two thousand people. The flood waters receded gradually but the devastation caused by the floods remains. Approximate numbers for Chandel district alone are harrowing:  Sugnu in Chandel district has 6 villages (265 houses, 1209 people) and Pallel in the same district has 7 villages (235 houses 1223 people) badly affected by the floods. 

We thank each one of you who have helped in every bit that we could send 668kgs materials for ManipurFloodRelief.

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