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Staging Solidarity:
An Act for Manipur

A print sale fundraiser by Nicky Chandam

Staging Solidarity: An Act for Manipur is a print sale featuring some of my theatre photographs. We have organized this in the hopes that individuals across the country will unite to support us in our efforts. Your participation in this print sale contributes directly to aiding those affected in Manipur. 


Having grown up as a passionate enthusiast of performance art, my journey seamlessly transitioned to capturing the stage with my camera. What initially started as a personal endeavour gradually evolved into a genuine joy of documenting the nuances of arts and cultural spaces.


There are four sets of two images each in this collection. They are all moments from various theatrical performances that I have cherished both as an audience member and a photographer. I hope they find a meaningful place in your homes. 


Currently, over 60,000 individuals are living in more than 300 relief camps across the state. Five months on, the conditions still remain inhospitable for them to return to their homes. The humanitarian crisis, which began in May 2023, persists. News and images, both heart-breaking and horrifying, continue to emerge.  


I have been working on the ground with my team at the Octave Foundation since the very beginning of the crisis. We have received generous support from well-wishers so far. But the needs are still substantial. Essentials such as food, clothing, educational materials, and medicines are all in short supply. 


Set I: Yamata

Script, music, design and direction by Heisnam Tomba, Kalakshetra Manipur
Imphal, March 2020

Set 1 A.jpg


8 x 12 inches

₹ 2000 (excluding shipping)

Set 1 B.jpg


8 x 12 inches

₹ 2000 (excluding shipping)

Set II: Raas

Presented by Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy

NE Exposure at India International Centre, New Delhi, October 2018

Set II A.jpg


8 x 12 inches

₹ 2000 (excluding shipping)

Set II B.jpg


8 x 12 inches

₹ 2000 (excluding shipping)

Choreography by Sangeet Natak Awardee Lokendrajit Singh, Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy

Meghdoot Theatre, New Delhi, October 2016

Set III: Moirang Sha

Set III A.jpg


8 x 12 inches

₹ 2000 (excluding shipping)

Set III B.jpg


8 x 12 inches

₹ 2000 (excluding shipping)

Set IV: Rhythm Divine 

Choreography by Astad Deboo

Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi, April, 2014

Set IV A.jpg


8 x 12 inches

₹ 2000 (excluding shipping)

Set IV B.jpg


8 x 12 inches

₹ 2000 (excluding shipping)

I first met Nicky when I curated an online exhibition in 2021. I have known her most personal works to emerge from her own lived experiences, raising difficult questions and provoking internal reflections. This stems from her deep embeddedness in her community. And her tireless efforts during the ongoing conflict in her home state Manipur is evidence of this same commitment. 

As someone whose research is sustained by photographic practices in Northeast India, I am both humbled and honoured to help Nicky in a small way by organising and coordinating this print sale fundraiser. Doing this has not been easy, especially for Nicky as she continues to work on the ground whilst dealing with everyday emotional and psychological distress. It has taken us months to finally get this up and I hope we find support from all corners. 


After some deliberation, we decided upon Nicky’s theatre photographs, which showcaase the rich performance tradition of Manipur. I have curated images where movement takes over the stillness of the frames. Some vibrant, some subtle— these movements represent a refusal to stay subdued whilst anticipating a futurity of some kind, an act on the verge of occurrence. This aesthetic of movement embodies a story in progress, not a finished action or gesture. And thinking of images in this way makes way for a curious space where unfinished stories have the agency to erupt at any moment in time. 


I hope these photographs find a meaningful space in your homes. We look forward to your support. 


Mridu Rai 

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