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Leipung : A platform for sharing multiple narratives

Leipung is a platform for exploring the art of storytelling and connecting people through the art. Select performers will be invited to join the theatre productions of Octave Foundation.

Leipung” is a mound found on roads in localities over which young and old sit and discuss matters of local, national and personal interest. It is the Manipuri version of what is known to us as 'Adda'.


1. You can perform one piece for a maximum of 5 minutes (to be decided). Your time starts the moment you come to the microphone; any introduction or preamble is part of your time slot.

2. Only solo or duo performances; no groups, please. However, the number of musicians can be considered with prior information.

3. Work performed can be in any of the languages used in the National Capital Region.

4. When the moderator tells you your time is up, please leave the microphone immediately.

5. Genres: No restriction. Fiction, folktales, autobiography, it’s all good.

6. Prohibited: Foul language, explicit sexual imagery, slander, anything that flouts the laws of India.

7. No nudity. Yes, you can use costumes and make-up if you like.

8. There will be up to 15 slots of up to 5 minutes each.

9. To get a slot, simply e-mail the moderator at with a video recording of 5 mins or with the script.

10. Please show the text of what you plan to perform to the moderator, and/or describe your performance. This is not about censorship; it is to guard against infringement of the rules.

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