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Khusrau Ke Rang

A musical narrative on Hazrat Amir Khusrau

Four artists from four different parts of India, Ankit Chadha (a Delhi-based storyteller), Bindhu Malini Narayanswamy ( Bangalore based vocal artist trained in Carnatic music), Vedanth Bharadwaj ( Chennai based vocal and instrumental artist trained in Indian classical music) and Ajay Kumar Tipanya ( Dholak artist from Indore), for their love for music, poetry and storytelling come together for stories of Murshid ( teacher/ guide) and songs of Mureed (one who is committed to a Murshid).

This musical narrative explores the relationship between Amir Khusrau, the 13th century Sufi poet from India, and his spiritual master Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya.

The event was held at The Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on 3 July, 2016.

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