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Nicky Chandam

 is an emerging writer, poet, curator, photographer, producer, and a passionate stories-seeker. She is an avid chronicler of arts through her photographs and words. Originally from Manipur, she is a now a Dehalvi after living in Delhi for more than a decade. She has been actively engaged in the Delhi Arts and Culture scene for more than 7 years as a photo enthusiast covering performance spaces and as a host of Caferati Open Mics in both Gurgaon and Delhi. 
She is the Founder and Director of Octave Foundation.


She grew up listening and reading stories every day. She became a young person quite intrigued about the cultural diversity of this planet. However, when she came out of Manipur and was attempting to make a career in the city of Delhi, she had to face a lot of struggle and stereotypes in her own country because of her looks, language, and food habits. After a decade in the city things did not tone down and instead, the % of racial crime in Delhi shot up. She quit her job as an Information Technology Analyst and started Octave Foundation to provide platforms of convergence to celebrate ethnic diversities that build our cultural ethos. The organization aims to present path breaking cultural events, with an underlying theme of universal harmony through creative and performance arts, which transcend all boundaries by forming a language of their own.

She strongly believes that stories can bring people together. Stories have been traveling for centuries across multiple borders without any visa or passport and hence, stories will bring down the walls existing between people of different communities.

Anuja Jaiman

 is a Delhi based actor. Originally from Dehradun, she worked as a journalist for a decade in Delhi and Mumbai and is presently a communication and editorial freelance professional. She is pursuing theatre and exploring storytelling. In line with the vision of Wari, of which she is the co-founder, Anuja wishes to use theatre and storytelling as a conversation starter to reach people of all age groups.

Preeti Agarwal Mehta

 is a maverick freelance creative artiste who explores different mediums like theatre, film, movement, writing, and photography. She is a special needs educator and counselor by training. She works with Karm Marg, an NGO for disadvantaged children.

She is an instrumental member of Octave family donning multiple hats as an advisor, executive member and as an artist

Valentina Trivedi

is a teacher-educator and storyteller, who believes she must have been a curious darting squirrel in a previous birth and hasn't been able to shed those qualities! She enjoys writing in both Hindi and English and has written and performed stories for adults as well as children.organisation and enriching it, 

She is the one of senior artists in the team who have done multiple shows across India and internationally. She is one of the crucial members of the team who is engaged in expanding the organisation and enriching it.

Abhinav Sabyasachi

 is the founder of 'Paltan', a theatre and art group in Delhi. He is originally from Bihar. Having worked extensively with theatre groups like IPTA, Sansaptak, Sehar Theatre Group, he has performed in Hindi, Bengali, English, Maithili, Urdu and French. A freelance journalist, writer, published poet, painter, he also conducts theatre workshops.

He is one of the core artists of Octave and has been there since the launch of 

Nitin Sukhija

 has dabbled in all forms of Media. He comes with a long association with television and films. Stage, though, remains his first love. A little vagabond-ish in nature, he is currently based out of Delhi. Nitin loves to travel and explore people and cultures. And yes, he loves to tell a story.

He is one of the core artists of Octave.

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